Friday, August 27, 2010

Grand Opening

Coleman has a new job.  He is an employee* at The Bookshop at school.  Like any job, he first filled out an application, then went for an interview and then happily received his job offer!  
Today was the grand opening.  

The Bookshop is open every Friday before school.  They had a lot of traffic this morning! (You might recognize one of the customers!)
Coleman was a hawker today and stood in the hall drumming up business.  
I guess he was pretty effective, given how many kids were in the shop!  Good job, Coleman!

*Unfortunately, Coleman inherited his mom's practice of working for no money.  This "job" doesn't pay, of course!!!


Jane said...

Id buy books from Coleman

(lol his payheck)

Queen B said...

(1) I'd hire him
(2) I'd definitely put his smiling face outside to attract business!

I mom, therefore I blog.