Wednesday, August 25, 2010

My Day

Our school is having a spirit night at the baseball game on Friday.  I went to pick up all the tickets today and I got an impromptu tour of the stadium!  Here are the seats I want:
I think it would be a lot more enjoyable to ROCK through nine innings!  The grounds crew was preparing the field and I watched them adding dirt and tamping it down around home plate.  It was cool to see the behind the scenes preparation for tonight's game!

This afternoon I helped Carolyn start an art project for her "new" room.  Here is a preview:
In return for my help, she helped me make the truffles from this week's shout-out list.
What a team!  
The truffles are very good... so good that the girls in my youth group ate the whole box... over three dozen of them!

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Queen B said...

can't wait to see her finished room :)

LOVE the rocking chairs!

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