Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Take Off to ... The Mall?

When we woke up this morning it was POURING down rain. Our tentative plan had been to go tour the Governor's Mansion, but none of us were really in the mood to drive all the way into Atlanta and deal with the rain. We decided to go to Discover Mills Mall instead. We ate lunch in the food court (which for some reason my kids think is so much fun!) and did a little back-to- school shopping.

I ALMOST bought this notepad. Hysterical!
Definitely would have bought this if I thought it had a CHANCE of working!
We spent a loooong time at the lego store.
Coleman believes in being hands-free.
There is an electronic? remote control? race track in the mall
and the kids did a race.
All in all, a fun afternoon even without a lot of bells and whistles!


Paula said...

"Control A Kid"---if they come up with that for real, I'll take 6 of them!!!!

Coleman is hilariously brilliant.

Kim Thomas said...

I would have definitely bought the notepad.

Jane said...

I wanna play with you

Queen B said...

what a fun take-off idea :)

RO at the potential purchases!

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