Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Upcycled Drawstring Bags and Pillow

My kids have been playing sports for a long time.  Ten years, to be exact!  We have tons of these pinnies laying around my house or stuffed into practice bags since they multiply when I'm not looking.
I was itching for an easy sewing project, so I decided to turn a couple of them into something useful.
The orange one became a zipper bag for an inhaler (stupid asthma)
and a drawstring bag for cleats.  
The blue one is "special" so it became a pillow for Coleman's room.  
Coleman was so stoked about all of them!  And Christian liked the bag enough to ask me to make one for him, too.  It's hard to find things to sew for the boys so this was perfect.

What have you upcycled lately?


Jenn Ann said...

You are so cool!

Jane said...

Super cute/love this idea

Queen B said...

that's awesome!

I love the idea of t-shirt (jersey?) quilts.....

Kim Thomas said...

I never new that pinneys were spelled pinneys, I always thought it was penneys.

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