Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Life has been busy.






I was out of Diet Coke at my house for 6 days.  I KNOW.  Luckily we were at the cabin for two of them, and there was DC there!

I've had the TV on FOX every minute I've been home (and on the radio in the car) watching the miner rescue.  Is that not absolutely unbelievable?

My sister scheduled her c-section this week and my new niece will be born on Dec. 17, which is my Memo's birthday.  Bittersweet.  I suggested that the baby's middle name be Mildred after Memo.  Amy wasn't amused.

The cookie jar has been empty for over a week, although I did make another batch of apple butter this week and today I made pumpkin bread.  I have to bake on Wednesdays for my youth group girls!

I have a funeral to go to tomorrow for the husband of Carolyn's first grade teacher.  Carolyn went to the visitation with me tonight.  I didn't want to take her, but it worked out that it was the only way I could make it.  She was a breath of fresh air and a blessing, I think.

I'm not sure how I'm going to get even halfway through my to-do list tomorrow.

Counting my blessings tonight...


Queen B said...

you forgot to mention lacrosse....

my jaw literally dropped when I read about your DC outage! I would not make it that long without DDP.

Yay for Amy!!!!!! Memo is a cool middle name......

If I lived in your house, no matter how often you made cookies, the cookie jar would be empty :)

sadness :(

Paula said...

Why do so many things all happen this exact time of year!? I'm just trying to get thru the next 3 weeks...then cross-country, soccer, and the UK home games will be done!!!

Raise a Diet Coke to unlimited blessings!

Kim Thomas said...

Out of control toddler
Repeat 100 times

I mom, therefore I blog.