Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Whole Foods

I went with Susan and Sandra to Whole Foods today for the first time.  We ate lunch (SO many choices!!!!) and then split up and walked around the store.  No surprise that these were my two favorite departments:
 Oh my gracious at all the cheese!
And the desserts! I was good and didn't buy any chocolate, except these fun little treats for the kids:
Christian and Jim had practice tonight and Carolyn was at a friend's house, but my little foodie and I had a feast!
 Robusto cheese, nostrano salami and Asian pear on top of a low-rent Ritz football cracker.
Mmmm, delish!


Queen B said...


LOVE lunch @ whole foods :)

KFuj said...

Sounds like a perfect dinner. I love Asian pears!!!

KFuj said...
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