Thursday, November 18, 2010

(Not So) Deep Thoughts

If bickering was an Olympic sport, my kids would take gold.

Open enrollment for our health insurance ended yesterday.  Thank you, President Obama, my monthly premiums are now the equivalent of a car payment.  (And I'm not talking about a junker car, either.)

I had lunch with a good friend yesterday.  She is my next door neighbor, but we have to schedule lunch to actually see each other.

I went to my first girls lacrosse practice as a coach Tuesday night. I was there to "help" but mostly got some personal coaching of my own!  (Those who can't do, teach, right?)

Jim and I are going to an all-day coaching clinic on Saturday and I need a spreadsheet to figure out how to get my kids to their games and childcare coverage.

I'm making johnnycakes for 100 fourth graders tomorrow for Colonial Day.  Oh, and Coleman needs a costume.  Good luck with that, son.

My parents are coming for a visit next week.  Saturday. or Tuesday.  or Wednesday.  I think.

I'm going to the Farmers Market today with Troye.  Pretty sure we will be eating lunch here!


Paula said...

our premiums stayed the same.....its the extremely monumental copays and deductibles that get us.

Queen B said...

you're coaching??????

yeah, our premiums are pretty much the same...... for now.....

I schedule lunches with everyone in order to get some face time :( maybe we should have some video lunch sessions!

Kim Thomas said...

I am too not so grateful for Obama

I mom, therefore I blog.