Sunday, November 21, 2010

Sunday Afternoon

After church this morning we went home and CLEANED THE HOUSE.  (All caps because it's been.... awhile.)

We all needed a break, so we took a field trip over the the DeKalb Farmer's Market.  Which doesn't allow photography of any kind, which is kind of funny.  The kids loved it!  Especially the seafood section... live lobster and crab and huge red snapper on ice.  Carolyn was a little skeeved by the fish eyes.  (Who am I kidding-it kind of skeeves me, too!)  We visited the chocolate section right before we left and everyone picked out a treat.

For dinner, we went to Farmburger.
Everyone is a fan; look at the size of that burger!  The server couldn't believe the boys had both finished theirs!
 I didn't bother to tell her that Coleman ate all of his AND half of mine!

When we left we noticed a cute little indy bookstore across the street called The Blue Elephant Book Shop and stopped in for a visit.  We will definitely stop in next time we are at Farmburger!

And we realized that Carolyn and I were both wearing our Converse sneakers.
 (Who is cooler than we are?  Nobody, that's who!)


Kim Thomas said...

Two thoughts:

(1) I can't wait to go here and break the camera rules

(2) What is Christian growing on his head?

Andrea said...

HA! We like to call it a whitefro.

Queen B said...

CLEANING THE HOUSE is on my to-do list this week :( ugh

Those burgers look awesome!

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