Sunday, November 28, 2010

Turkey Trot Lacrosse Tournament

Coleman's U11 team played in a lacrosse tournament this weekend.  SO MUCH FUN! Three games on Saturday and three games on Sunday.

Between gamesSince the tournament was almost two hours away and we had early games both days, most of the team stayed in a hotel Saturday night.

 The kids swam and we all ordered pizzaand watched the LSU game.Sunday dawned bright and early and COLD.  After we froze at the first game, Carolyn went and sat in the car with the heat on.  When I went to check on her a little later, she was fast asleep!Thankfully, it warmed up for the later games! Although the team had  some hard losses on Saturday, they came out on Sunday loaded for bear!  They won their first game, then won the semi-final game and played in the championship game against a team from Dallas.  Unfortunately, it was a team they had already lost to twice.  (You gotta know that if a team drove 13 hours from Dallas, that they were bringing their A game!)

We didn't win, but our team was the only team to score on them in the whole tournament.  Against a team like that, second place doesn't seem so bad!Coach Jim giving the after-game pep talk.They are a pretty cute bunch of hooligans, don't you think?!?This is an AWESOME bunch of boys, and their parents are a lot of fun, too!
Needless to say, after playing six games in 18 hours, Coleman slept the whole way home!


Paula said...

ooohhh, I had to chuckle seeing Coleman sleeping like that!

Queen B said...

totally cute!

Look at how awake/alert Carolyn looks in that last pic.... too funny compared to her sleeping pic :)

Obviously Dallas is where people need to be to REALLY play lacrosse ;)

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