Monday, December 13, 2010

Christmas Wish List

Jim asked me today if I have a Christmas list.  When I've been out and about, and see something I like, I text him a photo of it.  After commenting on one of the things I sent him, he mentioned that Zeke's wife always sends Zeke a link for the things she wants!

So Jim, here is my Wish List:
Candy Dipping Tools

Cookie Cooling Rack
Another Airbake Cookie Sheet
(Hmm, I must have been hungry that day!)
And also:
multiblade paper cutter

And of course, I wouldn't mind getting this:

Happy shopping, honey!  You only have one person left to buy for!


Queen B said...

RO @ only 1 person to buy for! I should remind Chris of that!

I hate list-making. I'd rather just buy myself ;)

Jim said...

I need the stores where to get all of these things. If you really want it, you will include where to find at said store. Don't forget sizes where necessary.

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