Sunday, December 26, 2010

White Christmas

It started snowing about three o'clock on Christmas Day.  
 Coleman and Carolyn played outside in it until 10 that night, when I made them come in.

Hot caramel apple spice hits the spot!
 And the best part?  The snow was still there when we woke up the next morning!  
We got around three inches total at home.
It's Atlanta's first white Christmas since 1872!


Paula said...

That is a loooong time. Atlanta was over due for a white Christmas! I wish we'd gotten only 3 inches at my MIL's house!

Queen B said...

wow! we enjoyed a white Christmas last year, but not this one. I was ok with that :) 3 inches is a great amount.

Jane said...

Love caramel apple cider!

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