Saturday, February 19, 2011

Coleman's Lacrosse Game

Our Saturdays are again spent at the fields.  Three kids playing and two parents coaching requires logistical magic to get everyone where they need to be on time.  (How long before I take the wrong kid to the wrong location?  It's going to happen-the question is when.)

Coleman's team played first this week.
I love this picture-it looks choreographed.
 They had a tough loss 4-3, but the boys played better than they did last week.
 And the weather was absolutely gorgeous.  We've had such a wet/icy winter that the 65 degree February day was very appreciated!
Carolyn and Christian played at the same time again this week, so I still haven't been to Christian's game this season.  Carolyn's team won 11-0 and Christian's team won 10-0.  Not too shabby!

Next week all three kids play at 1:30 at three different parks.  And Jim has a high school game.  Should be interesting!

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Queen B said...

that 2nd pic is really great!

10-0 and 11-0?! wowsers :)

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