Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Favor Follow Up

Last week I asked for birthday cards for Carson and Cameron.  Ginger told me yesterday that a HUGE stack of them had come in the mail-just in time for everyone's first day back to school.  Just the thing to raise the spirits!  Carolyn's class made cards, too, and are now in the mail.  The cards are WONDERFUL!  (My favorite- "I hope you get a pet!")  Second grade must be learning about descriptive words because there were some "delightful" and "stupendous" messages inside!

Carson will be headed back to St. Jude next week for another surgery.  He has a Class 2 meningioma, which is a fairly common secondary tumor caused by radiation.  Hopefully the surgeon will get all of the tumor and he will be able to avoid more radiation and chemo.

As always, we appreciate all of your thoughts and prayers.  And many, many thanks to all of you who sent birthday cards!!!!!


Queen B said...

I totally failed on the card :( :( :( I just did not brave getting to the mailbox last week. but, I have a whole bunch of "thinking of you" cards that I'm thinking can still be sent!

Paula said...

So glad that they received so many!!! I know how amazing St. Jude's is, will be thinking & praying for him.

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