Monday, March 21, 2011

I Wanna Soak Up The Sun

Carolyn's teacher has Fun Fridays in her class, when parents can sign up to come in for an hour and do something fun.  Friday was my day and I decided to take in a science experiment.

I found these UV Sensitive beads that are white until exposed to UV radiation from the sun.
And then they turn these radiant colors! (Really cool, no?)
For our experiment, we went to the outdoor classroom at school.  We took four bags of beads and labeled them "Sun", "Sun with Sunscreen", "Shade" and "Shade with Sunscreen".  We then liberally sprayed SPF 50 sunscreen on the two bags labeled sunscreen.

We developed our hypothesis and made our predictions on what would happen to our beads.
 Checking out the Shade
 and Shade with Sunscreen bags.
 And the Sun and Sun with Sunscreen bags...
 Then we recorded our data and discussed how our predictions differed from our results.
 Just for the record, you are better off in the sun with sunscreen, than in the shade without sunscreen!

We finished off our experiment by making bracelets out of the beads and eating rainbow cupcakes.
 It was definitely a Fun Friday in second grade!


Queen B said...

ooh, what a FUN experiment!

Paula said...

You should be an elementary school teacher!!

Andrea said...

I want to be in your classroom!!

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