Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Not 20/20

When I took Christian for his well-check earlier this year, the pediatrician did a standard vision screening and said that Christian needed to go to the eye doctor.  I took him this morning and lo and behold, the vision in his left eye is not so good!  He's never complained, or had any trouble with his eyes before and has always tested 20/20 on the screening tests.
And by not so good, I mean that the vision in his left eye is 20/400!  Do you know what 20/400 is?  THAT IS THE "E" AT THE TOP OF THE EYE CHART!!!!!  The kid could not make out the "E" with his left eye when his right eye was covered!  How is it possible that your vision could be that bad and no one, including Christian, had ever noticed?

The optometrist said that the difference between what his left eye (20/400) and his right eye (20/25) was transmitting was so great that his brain was completely disregarding his left eye.  His right eye has been doing all of the work!

So he now has contacts!


Troye said...

um, hello!
and, maybe you have found a reason for the migraines? or at least a trigger?

Jane said...

Been there

Kim Thomas said...

Holy Cow!!!!! Whats really shocking is he plays lacrosse and this has never been a problem.

Paula said...

You'll have to let us know how well he's adjusting to contacts.

Anonymous said...

I have had so many kids get glasses in the 3rd grade, and I used to ask that same question about how they get that far... I learned they learn to compensate with the one good eye, and the main reason is... they don't know they can't see. They think what they see is normal. I once had an AP tell me that she got glasses in middle school and she saw the world through a whole new set of eyes. She had no idea what she was seeing wasn't the norm. .... glad you got it figured out!!!

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