Friday, March 04, 2011

Time Flies

 Louie and Christian, Arkansas, November 2000
One of my favorite pictures-
Jim's dad and Christian at Chris and Ginger's wedding (Christian was the ring bearer).  Grandpa's birthday is tomorrow.  He would have been 71.  
(Doesn't Jim look like his dad?)

Also, Carson is back in the hospital with an infection.  He is getting IV antibiotics and hopefully will be home this weekend.  And, my sister-in-law Christine passed away this week after a long bout of illness.  She was only 45.  Please add my brother-in-law, Louie and nephew Connor to your prayers.


Queen B said...

oh, no! that is awful about Carson and Christine. definitely will add to prayer list.

cute pic! Christian makes an adorable ring bearer :)

Jane said...

God bless everyone

Kim Thomas said...

So sorry to hear about Christine and Carson.

Love the pic of Christian

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