Friday, March 25, 2011

 Carrie Weatherall Walters, Mildred Walters Roberts, Mississippi, Sept. 24, 1919
My great grandmother and my Memo at 10 months old.  This time next week, I will be on my way to see my sweet new niece!


Queen B said...

wow! Memo @ 10 months? that is awesome.

safe travels :)

Melissa said...

I found your blog through a search for Carrie Weatherall Walters & was delighted to find this picture & others. She was my great-aunt,(Auntie to me)& a sister to my grandfather, George H. Weatherall. I loved her dearly! I have posted this pic on my Family Tree on along with others. Hope it's OK, if not I can remove them. Would love for you to share any other (especially old) pics you have. I, too, have made trips to Byhalia looking for the house & was so excited to see your pics. It didn't look the same to me because I thought I distinctly remembered Uncle Coleman sitting in a swing on the front porch. Too many years ago, I guess.
Thanks for sharing...
Melissa Munn Campell

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