Thursday, April 21, 2011

Compost Pile Cupcakes for Earth Day

Tomorrow is Earth Day and I am going in to Carolyn's class for Fun Friday.  Of course, I always take a snack when I go in (because I am not above bribing second graders with food!)

The class is doing a lesson on ecology and conservation, so I made compost heap cupcakes.
 Gross, huh?  Maybe even grosser than than the rat-infested cupcakes last fall?
Make a batch of chocolate fudge cupcakes and ice with chocolate icing.  
While the icing is still wet, stick pieces of gummy worms in the icing and then dip in a mixture of:
crushed oreos
chopped up sunflower seeds
chopped up mint leaves
(it is much easier to get the worms to stick if you put them on first.)


Queen B said...

ewwwwwwwww :) that's awesome :)

Kim Thomas said...

I saw these in a magazine last week, yours look better

Anonymous said...

Just made these!!! So Yum :-) Thanks for recipe

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