Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Paper Making

Last week I went in to Carolyn's class for Fun Friday.  Since it was Earth Day, we made seeded paper bookmarks from recycled paper and newsprint.

I made 9 frames (because that's how many jumbo craft sticks I had.)
 It definitely helped to cover the raw edges with duct tape.
Next, the kids cut up the recycled paper and we made our paper slush.  We had to do this several times to have enough for 22 kids.
The kids divided into three groups.  Then we mixed our slush with warm water in the baking pans.  We also added perennial seeds, cinnamon so it would smell nice, and basil for some texture.
The kids liked mixing it up with their hands!
One at a time, the kids dipped their frames into the mixture, drained it, and sponged off the excess water.
 Removing the paper from the frame without tearing was an adult job!
We left the paper to dry on wax paper for several hours.  
Then the kids tore the paper into two strips-one for a bookmark and one to plant! 

I used the directions found here.


Andrea said...

There is so much I love about you!! This is so great!! Can I be a kid again and come be in your class?

Kim Thomas said...

22 kids!!!!!

I mom, therefore I blog.