Friday, June 17, 2011

Dogs Are Welcome at Monticello

Carolyn, Belle and Coleman, Charlottesville, VA August 2006
When we moved from Pennsylvania to Georgia, we stopped several places along the way to break up the trip.  Since we were moving, we had Belle with us which made for some interesting stops!  I called ahead to Monticello to see if dogs were allowed on the grounds, which they are.  However, the nice volunteer did not tell me that pets are not allowed on the shuttle bus that takes you from the ticket office/parking lot at the bottom of the mountain up to where Monticello is!  So while the kids and I rode the bus, Jim dragged the dog half a mile up the side of a mountain.  We took turns taking the tour and waiting outside with the dog.  The kids thought it was so fun to have her "on vee-cation" with us.  (Jim and I thought it was a pain in the neck!)


Queen B said...

omg - they're so little!

Jane said...

She is so little!

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