Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Carolyn has been talking about getting her ears pierced for awhile, and once her friend recently got hers pierced, she decided she was ready.  Since we had no boys at our house today, we decided that today was the day!

 She was a little nervous, and I made sure that there would be two people there so that she could have both ears done at the same time.  (Who is hedging her bets, hmm?)  
 As she is sitting in the chair, a little girl of about 8 or 9 wanders over and asks if she is getting her ears pierced.  Carolyn says yes and the little girl says that she had hers pierced last year and it hurt HORRIBLE.  

Thank you, little girl, your help is not needed here!  So Carolyn decides that she has changed her mind and emphatically does NOT want to get her ears pierced today.  I talked her down off of the ledge and she did it!

She did very well.  There is some bruising on my hands from her death grip, but with the exception of two big crocodile tears she was very brave.    We had a lovely day together and she has enjoyed showing off her "emerald" earrings everywhere we have been.


Queen B said...

CONGRATS! That's huge! They look beautiful :)

Diane said...

Awesome! Green is good.

Kim Thomas said...

I was terrified when i got y ears pierced at 15 (I had ben too scared to do before), the girl in front of me fainted when she git up and knocked down a case of earrings (yup, the whole thing crashed to the ground) that was helpful

Paula said...

Congrats, girlie! I had hoped that showing this to Princess would help convince her to do it....alas, she's still a "no".

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