Saturday, August 27, 2011

My Sport Is Your Sport's Punishment

Today was the first cross country race of the season.  The bus left the high school at 6:00. AM. (Which I would like to go on record is REALLY early.)
Christian ran in the first stage race.  I'm guessing there were over 200 runners at the start.

And they're off!
 This was a two-mile race.  He ran nice and steady.  
The knees held up and he did GREAT!
 He was 44th and the third Mill Creek runner to cross the finish line in his stage.  His official time was 12:43.  

The JV team took 2nd place and the Varsity came in third.
   It was a great day for Mill Creek!  
We had a lot of fun at our first race.  It was very exciting!


Queen B said...

RO at the blog title

Go, Christian! Run, Christian, Run!

Kim Thomas said...

This is awesome! I have an autograph of this runner!

I mom, therefore I blog.