Saturday, September 03, 2011

My Week

Busy week::
doctored  a running injury  
 spent some time in my sewing room (not cleaning, obviously!)
 attended a JV cross country meet (it was HOT.)
 made 100 oreo cheesecakes for September Sweets for the elementary school
 took the boys to a doctor's appointment in town and ran into this guy when we drove through Steak 'n' Shake to get some lunch
Plus sat through three meetings, attended my first high school curriculum night, got a mammogram, went to lacrosse practice and drove my kids all over kingdom come.  
But now I am at the cabin, watching my tigers ruffle some duck feathers!  
I'm spending my Labor Day weekend NOT laboring-how about you?


Queen B said...

football season!

oh my (on injury)

oreo cheesecakes?! um, that might finally get me to purchase a ticket to Atlanta!!!!!!!

Kim Thomas said...

Ouch Christian!

I mom, therefore I blog.