Saturday, March 31, 2012

The Beach

Jim has been swamped at work and could only take off Monday of spring break.  We knew we wanted to go somewhere for a long weekend, but just couldn't seem to pin down our plans.  Friday morning, the kids were off of school so we sat down on the computers/ipad and researched Hilton Head, South Caroline and St. Augustine, Florida.  After taking a vote, St. Augustine won!  (I was lucky to get us a room at the beach with such late plans, but it all worked out.) 
We arrived mid afternoon, and of course the first thing the kids wanted to do was hit the beach!
The kids (and Jim) boogie-boarded all afternoon and Carolyn and Christian made a huge sand fort.
I was very content on my blanket with my book!  The water wasn't as cold as I expected, but too cold for me to get in past my ankles!
The kids had a great time and bedtime was early and easy!

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