Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Fort Menendez

Our last day in St. Augustine, we went to Fort Menendez, a hands-on museum that teaches about Florida's Spanish and Native American history.  It was FANTASTIC!  And since we were there on a Monday, we had the place almost to ourselves! 

We entered the fort and were given our charter from the Spanish government and our guide assigned us our jobs:
(Jim was a fun sucker and chose not to participate!)
 Friend or foe?
 Of course, I had to get a photo of Coleman in the stocks to add to my collection!
 We tried out Spanish drills
 Coleman sat on the chamber pot
 We dipped candles
 played a cool game that was a lot like checkers
 made tabby
 built a reed fence
 prepared for battle
 sat on a two-legged night watch stool
 ground corn
 hollowed out a canoe
 played another cool Indian game
 pretended to be a Timucua chief
and wove a fishing net.
We were very successful at all of our jobs and were paid at the end!  
We used our ducados in the gift shop and got some great souvenirs to take home.  Hands down the kids favorite part of the trip!  (Or at least, TIED with the beach!)

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