Friday, June 08, 2012

VBS Missions

At our VBS, the rising 6th graders do a week of missions as a transition year between attending VBS and being a youth helper.  Coleman really looked forward to this year!  
On Monday, they did some team building games and some work around the church.

On Tuesday, his group went to the Senior Center and hosted the Senior Olympics
 The senior citizens got a big kick out of these middle schoolers!  (The lady in the middle will be celebrating her 100th birthday next week!)
 On Wednesday, we had a mission oriented video scavenger hunt.  Here is my awesome group! 
 On Thursday, our group went to the fire house and delivered gifts for the firefighters and also donated teddy bears to carry in the trucks.  We were really lucky-there was a training scheduled for the day we were there and we got to see 9-10 additional trucks that are not normally at this station, including a hazmat truck and the bomb squad truck.
 Friday we stayed on campus and participated in the Amazing Race.
We had a great week and I was lucky enough to get to participate with this great group of kids!

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