Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Amy found a nickel arcade and we tried it out today.  Everyone got a roll of nickels.
 And they were off!  Hadley was happy to watch, although she liked to play with the tickets.
 Coleman and Christian were in heaven, as you can imagine!
 Christian was unbeatable at air hockey (and believe me, we all tried.)
 He also was deadly to the local deer population
 I could've beat him if I had WANTED to ;)
 I should have gotten Jim a roll of nickels, too.  He was the biggest kid!
 Isabella loved this wacky gator game
 Thick as thieves
 Aunt Amy took a turn on the "big girl" machine
 Counting tickets
A whole lotta fun, only a little money.  I believe this will become a regular stop on our trips to Texas!

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