Thursday, September 06, 2012

JV Race at Little Mulberry

Mill Creek hosted a JV meet today at Little Mulberry Park.  This is the hardest course the cross-country team runs-lots of hills and no shade.  And today it was HOT.  (An aside, I had to walk ALL THE WAY UP the hill to watch.  Why can't the finish line be at the bottom of the hill-ha!)
Christian had a great race!  Good start and really pushed the whole way.
He beat his best time on this course by over 2 MINUTES!  And more importantly, made the cutoff for the team going to the Carrolton race next weekend, which was his goal.  So proud of you, Christian!

Although he said he wasn't really hungry, we went to dinner to celebrate.  Where he proceeded to eat enough shrimp, mac n' cheese and broccoli for three people.  And a brownie sundae to finish. ;)

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