Saturday, November 10, 2012

End of Season Gifts

Our end-of-season party was last night.  A great time with a great group of girls and their parents!  We did a  "kid coach" clinic, where the kids taught their parents lacrosse skills.  (They make it look easy, don't they, parents?) The players then volunteered their "students" to demonstrate what they learned and we followed up with a kids vs. parents scrimmage.  (Yes, I'm sure the parents hate me today!)

I wanted a little gift to give the girls, and since I loved how Carolyn's love letter turned out, I decided a lacrosse one would be just the thing!
 I personalized each player's hair and skin tone (and my two left-handers), as well as their stick, goggles and cleats.  
 I love the way they turned out!  I think the girls really liked them, too.
 We had a great season with a record of 9-1.  Even more important that our win-loss record was the way these girls showed great sportsmanship all season and grew their love of the game and their teammates.

I didn't think Jim's boys would care much about cute posters, so we gave them lacrosse balls with the season motto on them.  

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Sara said...

those are awesome! will you be my coach? :)

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