Thursday, March 14, 2013

Player for the Day

Carolyn was the winner of the Girls Varsity Lacrosse Team's Player of the Day auction at a benefit Jim and I attended in the fall.  Now that the season is underway, Carolyn was invited to attend the varsity practice today.
She read the team creed
 and then they warmed up.
 She was a little nervous at the beginning but the players were all very sweet to her.
 Getting some coaching
 and working on offense/defense.
 She held her own!  
 Although the big girls pass a lot harder and farther! ;)
 Next up, working on 8M shots
 stick work
and quick passes.
Followed by some penalty conditioning for losing the ground ball scramble!

 And even the big girls have to run a lap!
She had a great time and learned a lot, I think.  Two hours of high school practice followed by our 1 1/2 hour practice and needless to say she was WIPED OUT!

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Sara Watson said...

VERY cool experience!

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