Thursday, April 11, 2013

Toccoa Swinging Bridge

We finally visited the Toccoa Swinging Bridge today. It's an easy hike, but a long three-mile drive down a gravel road to get there!  The bridge is part of the Benton-MacKaye Trail.
 The trailhead
 It was a nice easy half-mile walk to the river.
 Gumbo had a blast!  he ran around like a maniac, took a cold swim, and of course, climbed right out and shook water all over us!
 He was not so sure about the swinging bridge!
 This is the longest (270 yds) suspension bridge east of the Mississippi.  And it had lots of "swing"!
 We played around on the other side of the river for awhile.
The kids climbed all over the downed trees and logs.
 It was such a gorgeous day!
 The kids couldn't stand it-they had to get on the water... Coleman was the only one who didn't end up wet!
 The only thing missing was a picnic lunch!

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