Saturday, July 13, 2013

Heat Wave

Carolyn has been SO EXCITED all summer about playing in her first travel tournament!  Unfortunately, as the tournament got closer, the weather got iffy.  Tropical Storm Chantal was beelining right towards Flagler Beach, Florida.  The tournament was moved up a day in hopes of beating the storm.  This is what we drove through to get there.  I admit, I had very little hope of us playing.  
But the rain cleared, and believe it or not, not a drop of rain fell during any of our games!
 Carolyn played goalie the first game.
 It was probably her best game ever.
She was stoked at the end of it!
They played four games Friday night.
 And went 3-1.  The only game they lost was to the team that ended up winning their division. 
They were 3-1 going into the playoffs on Saturday, 
but unfortunately, they lost their playoff game.  But we had SUCH A GREAT TIME!  

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