Tuesday, July 23, 2013


Tuesday we took the train into New York City.
We walked by the Empire State Building
and down Broadway.
And then headed down to the 911 Memorial
The world trade center site was still being cleared of debris the last time I was there.
 We stopped at the Survivor Tree
 and then headed to the Statue of Liberty.
 We had to get a photo in front of the Manhattan skyline, of course,
 and of the new Freedom Tower (and the Empire State Building as well.)
 We enjoyed the ferry ride over and back.
 We waited out a short downpour in Duane Reade
 and ate pizza for dinner.
And no trip to NYC would be complete without a stop in Times Square
and a visit to the Times Square Toys 'r' Us.  (Hulk sad!)
 It was a sweet trip!
 Coleman's one request was a taxi ride.  (And the ride didn't disappoint-we were lucky to get out alive!)
We ended the day with an amusing train ride back to Pennsylvania. 


Sara Watson said...

looks like SO MUCH fun! How long was the train ride?

Kim Thomas said...

Another city on my list

I mom, therefore I blog.