Thursday, August 01, 2013

Girls Day Out

The Girl with a Pearl Earring is at the High Museum and I'm sure that it won't surprise anyone that Carolyn and I were the only ones interested in going to see it.
And the exhibit did not disappoint!  She is beautiful.  (No photos allowed, unfortunately.)

Since it was just Carolyn and me, we wandered around through the rest of the museum.  This horse sculpture by Deborah Kay Butterfield made of rusty metal and barbed wire was a definite favorite for both of us.
 Carolyn humored me for this photo, but made the comment that she looked like an idiot... I'm not ready for her to get too old for fun!
 We ended our visit in the hands-on art room, where we both enjoyed making magnet collages.
 My "A"
 Her "C"
(We even managed to hide our names in them.)

We grabbed lunch at Yeah! Burger and I had the best fried pickles EVER.  It was so nice spending the day just the two of us!


Andrea said...

I love mother/daughter fact, I need to schedule some with my mom. Thanks for the reminder.

Kim Thomas said...

Love love love!

I mom, therefore I blog.