Sunday, August 11, 2013

Girls Weekend

Finally, we had a girls weekend at the cabin!  We went up Saturday after football games, trips to the DMV and meetings and stopped for lunch on the way.  We shopped in Blue Ridge Saturday afternoon (at all the stores that I never get to visit with my family in tow!), sampled award-winning cupcakes, and then settled in at the cabin for chick flicks and more food. (Mama Mia-thumbs up, Crazy Heart-thumbs down.)
Sunday morning brought craftiness (and more food!)  After a thunderous rainstorm, we went back into Blue Ridge for a late lunch and topped it off with another (birthday) cupcake.

We bought a few last minute gifts and headed home, 
happy after a great weekend and ready to hit the ground running back in the real world!

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Sara Watson said...

now that looks like fun! awesome that you were able to visit places that YOU wanted to :)

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