Friday, September 13, 2013

Gold Medalist with a Heart of Gold

Olympic Gold Medalist (1992 and 1996) Gail Devers lives in our area and came to speak to the cross-country team yesterday.  Parents were invited and I am so glad Jim and I were able to attend!

She spoke about her path to the Olympics and her battles with her health on the way.  At one point, her Graves Disease was so bad that she almost had to have her feet amputated!  Two years later she was running in the Olympics.  It was very awe-inspiring for this group of young runners (and their parents!)
 AND she brought her three gold medals and passed them around until every kid had a chance to try them on and take a photo.  Gail was also sweet enough to take a photo with Carolyn.
Two things-she indulges herself with shoes and she doesn't wear her fingernails as long now as she did before!

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