Saturday, November 09, 2013

Day of Service

 To top off our season, my lacrosse team participated in a day of service today. 
These eighteen girls collected canned goods from their friends and neighbors to donate to The Pantry.
 We weighed the food and checked the expiration dates.
 Then marked through the bar codes (so that the food can't be returned to the store for a refund)
 and sorted it into categories.
After the goods were sorted, the girls put all the cans on flats to store in the pantry until distribution.
We learned about how the Pantry provides for families in our area and what a blessing their donations will be.  Today, 92 families received food boxes of about 25 pounds each.  That is approximately 2300 pounds of food given to families in need.
 The girls donated a whopping 808 pounds of food!
 This is such a great group of kids (and parents!)  
I can't think of anywhere else I would have rather been this morning!

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