Saturday, November 02, 2013

Fun Day

We had our first round of playoffs bright and early this morning.  Our win advanced us to round two... at 4:00!  So with four hours to kill, we had a long lunch and then took the girls to the mall to kill some time.  First stop was the American Girl Store-you can see how THRILLED Coleman was to be there!
 They managed to touch every.single.item in Brookstone.  I decided we needed to head out before we were thrown out!
 The LEGO store was a longer stop!
 We followed up with some "age-appropriate" rides. ;)
 We even took a survey and each made a dollar!
 We headed back to the field with some time to kill, where everyone got their fingernails painted. (Ah, the joy of coaching 8-10 year old girls!)
 Another win in round two meant one of the brothers got a manicure as well.  
We are headed to the championship game tomorrow!

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