Thursday, April 10, 2014

Day Five-Gulf Shores

We left the WWII museum and headed for Gulf Shores.  We arrived just in time for a late dinner at the Hangout.  Christian found a sign that he really liked. ;)
We hit the beach early.
 The water was really cold!
The boys boogie-boarded
and Carolyn built a sandcastle with some help from Christian.
 Coleman soaked up the rays.
 And of course, there was lacrosse on the beach!
Carolyn found some friends from home
who turned her into a mermaid.
And Christian and Coleman 
 decided to bury Coleman.
 One last swim 
and we hit the snowball stand on the way out. 
What a nice, relaxing day!

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Sara Watson said...

JEALOUS! I am really trying to figure out when we can make our yearly trek there. It's not crazy to plan to go when the baby is like 2 weeks old, right? :p

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