Monday, April 07, 2014

Day Two-Baton Rouge

Monday morning, after beignets for breakfast, we headed over to the Louisiana State Capitol.
 It is the tallest state capitol in the US, at 34 stories and 450 feet tall.  Leading up to the building are 49 steps, each engraved with the name of the states in order of their entry into the union. (Hawaii and Alaska were added to the top step when they joined).
 We went to the observation deck at the top for a look around.
 Hello, LSU!
 It was cold and windy
 and Carolyn took lots of photos.
 This is the bridge that Huey P had built (along with the state capitol and LSU's football stadium).
 Back downstairs, LSU had tables set up showing off the university's contributions to the state.  
Carolyn saw her veins on ultrasound
 And Coleman intubated a dummy using a tiny camera scope.
 We also looked around the house and senate chambers, and saw the bullet holes in the wall from Huey Long's assassination.
The primary reason for our trip to Baton Rouge was for Christian to do a college tour at LSU.  
(How is that possible?)
 The tour was great.  And who knows?  Maybe there is another tiger in our family's future!
After the tour, we walked around a little more
 and had a little fun in the bookstore.
We love this place!
 After some lacrosse on the parade ground
and a photo op by the live oaks
we grabbed some dinner and headed towards NOLA.

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