Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Take Off to the Atlanta History Center

Today's Take Off Tuesday begin with lunch at the Landmark Diner and then a visit to the Atlanta History Center.  Our first stop was the Swan House (built in 1928) where we were treated to punch by one of the Inman's maids.  She also showed off some of the newest gadgets that the Inmans owned-including a toaster and an electric freezer.
 Does this look familiar?  The movie Catching Fire was filmed here!

 We also visited the Tullie Smith farm (circa 1845)
 and toured the museum exhibits, including the wing devoted to the 1996 Olympics.
 We ended our day with milkshakes from Sonic.  We love Take Off Tuesdays!

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Sara Watson said...

I heart Take Off Tuesday :) Yay for summer!

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