Saturday, September 06, 2014

Lacrosse Team Volunteers at the Food Pantry

Our lacrosse team volunteered at the food pantry today.  I challenged them to collect 1000 pounds of food to donate and we did!

Carolyn and Kendall took the wagon and walked the neighborhood three different days and collected over 200 pounds of food.  These three trashcans are filled with the food they collected!
 Love these girls!
 Getting some instructions
Every item has to be checked for expiration 
and then the barcode is marked through so that the food cannot be returned to the store. 
Then the items are sorted and shelved in the pantry until they are included in a food box.
Boxes of food are weighed and given out to the patrons.

My sweet "little" team (minus one)
 and the great group of parents and older siblings who volunteered with us!
 The Pantry fed 107 families today. That is over 3000 pounds of food given out to needy families today alone.  I am so proud that my church offers this ministry to our community and so proud of the giving spirit of these middle-schoolers!

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