Sunday, October 05, 2014

Happy 18th Birthday, Christian

It's hard to believe...

Carolyn made a sign
 I made the requested cookie cake (with Reese's peanut butter cups and chocolate frosting)
 It seems like yesterday that we made this plate!
 Coleman gave him coupons for doing his chores
 And one of my favorite gifts ever! Coleman and Carolyn made it completely without help. :)
 We were gonna give you 100 grand for your birthday or fly you around the milky way but then we relized we were in a crunch for money.  so we came up with smart idea.  You’ve always been a lifesaver for us runts even when we’re sour.  Girls may think your a hot tamale, but we snicker at that.  Your not a butterfingers with your nerds.
You always reisen (rosen) your bow, before you make awesome music.  You may not make us laff and you may call us duds but we love you to pieces and your a whopper of a big brother.  And we will always be the original 3 musketeers.  Love Carolyn + Coleman

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Sara Watson said...

CUTE! 18, wow. Ok, that cake looks amazing!

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