Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Visit to the University of Oklahoma

From Meme and Grandy's, we decided to head over to the University of Oklahoma for a visit. OU heavily recruits National Merit Scholars and they really rolled out the red carpet for us!
Even the water bottles are "OK"!
We met with deans from the Honors College and the College of Engineering and took a tour of the campus and the Engineering buildings. The Exxon Rawl Center houses bays for the engineering competition teams and a machine shop.
We were also treated to lunch in the cafeteria.  It's all you can eat and has the only all you can eat Chick-fil-a in the world. (Coleman was a big fan!)
 We were very impressed with the campus and the offer they made to Christian!

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Sara Watson said...

can't wait for a decision to be made :)

all you can eat chick-fil-a.... that is greatness! Did they re-think that when they met Coleman?

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