Friday, May 22, 2015

Grad Party

I took almost no photos at the party, but at least got a few before it started.
The awesome wreath my wonderful friend Lacey made
Burlap, galvanized steel and red was the scheme for the party
A photo wreath with baby pics
banners from senior nights
Some OU flags and even a schooner that my awesome friend Diana found
Jenga blocks guest "book"
Brag table for Christian's senior year 
A donut bar for my donut-loving graduate
Jambalaya, salad, and bread for the main dish and lots of snacks, including boomer sooner cookies my sweet friend Jenny made, homemade pralines and chips and salsa from El Moc
Big Nanny's praline cake and chocolate birthday cake for Carolyn
We set up volleyball, spike ball, yard twister and yard yahtzee.
Our OU fans wore their OU gear!
We even sang happy birthday to Carolyn
 Happy birthday, sweet girl! You were a good sport!
 We had a great turnout and a ton of fun.  
Congratulations, Christian!

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Sara Watson said...

now that is a party! awesome job!

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