Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Sequoyah State Park

We decide to take our vacation around Christian's orientation at OU.  We left Chattanooga Sunday night and headed towards Oklahoma with one worn-out little laxer.
 We spent the night on the road and arrived at Lake Fort Gibson around noon.  We spent the afternoon playing in the lake and the pool
 and in the rec center playing ping pong 
 and hula hooping.
 Everyone loved playing ping pong!
 After a rainy Tuesday morning, the skies cleared up and we rented water trikes.
Which also included more swimming in the lake. 
 Back to the lodge for more ping pong
and shuffleboard.
We were so happy that Meme joined us for our two days at Sequoyah Lodge!
 We saw lots of wildlife-both at the Nature Center
and wild in the park! 

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