Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Handmade Christmas

Pillows for Lacey:

Pillows, bags, and shirts for Diana:

Monogrammed bags and yetis for Andrea:
 And fun things for me:
a pillow out of one of Jim's discarded work shirts
 a hostess gift for Stacy
 Socks for Coleman (he didn't think they were as funny as I did!)
 a sweatshirt with Dad's brand and a luggage tag for Amy
Monogrammed yetis for the kids

 And cute Christmas trucks

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Sara Watson said...

WOW!!!! you always amaze me. And...um... on the topic of handmade things. A frequent topic of conversation around our house is how the peg family you made for us now needs a Deuce. I tell everyone who mentions it that it's probably hard to do one of a baby and that they need to just wait until he can stand up!

Avery plays with it constantly :)

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