Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Girls Trip To D.C.

Carolyn and I had a free day between Chattanooga and Brine, so we made a last minute decision to go into D.C. Carolyn doesn't really remember the times we've been in the past, so she was very excited to go!
We took the hotel shuttle to the Metro and with only a vague plan, hit the Mall!
The Capitol
The Washington Monument
The World War II Memorial
The White House
The Lincoln Memorial
The spot of Martin Luther King's famous speech
The Korean War Memorial
We also visited the Vietnam War Memorial, but no photo. It was so incredibly hot! Our last stop was the National Museum of American History, where we ate lunch and enjoyed the air conditioning. 
Not many photos, but we really enjoyed the First Ladies exhibit and The American Presidency and of course, the Star Spangled Banner!
We waited out an afternoon storm in the museum and then headed out to the Metro. The rain started again, but luckily one of the street vendors was selling umbrellas.
We had to fight the traffic from D.C. to Richmond, but it was so worth a day in the capital!

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