Sunday, November 26, 2017

Thanksgiving=Family Time

We were so lucky to get to see so much family this trip!
My cousin Jimbo and his family drove over from Bentonville Tuesday night.
 Brauns, Wilsons, and Adamses
I requested a fish fry while we were home and we had a house full to enjoy it! (Uncle James is famous for his fried catfish.)
Sam loved wrestling with Christian!
Hadley loved hanging out with Coleman (she kept calling him Bad Boy, lol).
My Aunt Drenda, my cousin Susan and her family, and my cousin Wesley and her family were all able to come for overlapping stays.
Brauns, Wilsons, Schmidts, and LaRues-first cousins once removed (we looked it up!)
 We all enjoyed the basketball goal at Meme and Grandy's new house!

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