Wednesday, December 27, 2017

A Handmade Christmas

I LOVE making gifts for Christmas, as well as receiving handmade gifts! This year we had several:

Monogrammed slate coasters for the Wilsons
 Homemade apple butter and pepper jelly for friends and neighbors
 Build your own snowman kits for my nieces
 A laptop bag for Amy (made from one of Darrel's old sport coats)
A large handpainted sign for Amy's office
Travel jewelry bags for friends
Ornaments for my FCA team with this year's key verse
And my favorite-waterproof, lined sideline cloaks for Carolyn and Coleman!
 And I received this beautiful bracelet from Diana

an etched LSU baking dish from Sarah
crocheted hotpads from Carolyn (that I have hinted strongly about since October!)
 And a huge wooden flag from Christian!

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